Hello Everyone,

    I know that this had been a challenging time and uncertain time with the COVID-19 outbreak. Digital learning seems to be the way to keep the students on task and continue their learning during this crazy time.

    Below is my website that I have created to help students at home in all subjects.

    Students should be completing 40 minutes of reading, 40 minutes of math and 20 minutes of either social studies or science and 20 minutes of reading. This should be about 2 hours of work each day. Please use this site help your child grow. Some sites require a log-in. This is to save your child's progress. All sites that are given are free.

    I recommend this to keep your child on task and also to give them something to do during this time. I will also be communicating through Class Dojo during this time is you need anything or have questions.

    Stay safe and God be with us all during this time.

Click below to go to the ClassDojo app and install it on your phone.

We will prevail together,

Josh DellaTorre